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Whether for pain relief, nutritional support, dietary or exercise guidelines, or advice on ergonomics in your normal daily activities, we will be happy to see you at Downing Chiropractic Center, LLC.

At Downing Chiropractic our basic premise is that this office exists due to our loyal patients and therefore solely for the patient. We want folks to enjoy the time they spend here. Downing Chiropractic is a family practice. We hope to evince the feeling of the old-fashioned family doctor.

The late Dr. Oliver Blake of Baltimore was Dr. Downing's friend, lifetime mentor and role model. From observing 'Dr. Oliver's' practice for over forty years Dr. Downing learned not only technical information on the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic, but literally grew into a practice paradigm of what constitutes a rewarding doctor-patient relationship.

In Dr. Downing's words:
"Even at the age of seven I was drawn to 'Dr. Oliver'. Perhaps with a child's intuition I always felt that he loved our family. With his sparkling eyes, easy laugh, and firm but gentle touch there was never a question of trust in my mind.

"As a teenager and young adult I tried to compare Dr. Blaker to other doctors I knew, and found it hard. He never seemed distant or imposing. He always took the time to answer questions. He was never critical or condescending. He worked equally well with children and seniors. You could tell he enjoyed being in his office. He extended his services to the needy and disadvantaged. He made emergency house calls. Above all he refused to take credit for your recovery. Instead, Dr. Oliver simply stated that all he did was remove interference to the body's innate ability to heal itself, which was the way the good Lord had designed it!

"I remember the Christmas before I graduated from Palmer College, when I came home and spent a week working with Dr. Blaker. I had not packed a white clinic jacket and 'Doc' handed me two of his to try on. When I came back with one on he looked up from his desk and said, 'That seems to fit well.', to which I replied, 'Now, if I can just fill your shoes!' He smiled, and as he rose I thought I saw a tear at the corner of his eye, but he turned and we walked down the hall to see the next patient."

The staff of Downing Chiropractic Center, LLC

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Our street sign makes us easy to find at 711 West Washington St. We are located just off Constance Rd., in Suffolk, Virginia. Ample parking is provided.

Office Hours -- Phone 757 934-8653

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 - 12   9 - 12   9 - 12
3 - 6 2 - 6 3 - 6 2 - 6 3 - 6
Walk-Ins are welcome Monday - Friday (Schedule Permitting)
Third Saturday by appointment
Appointment hours are flexible to the patient's needs.

We have a photo tour online of Downing Chiropractic Center, LLC.


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