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The three classic causes of subluxation (loss of normal motion and position) of the spine are physical, emotional, and chemical stress. Let's explore the course of one of these causes:

Emotional Stress
Facet Joint

The human body responds to stress by contracting the muscles of the back, shoulders, and neck. As we worry, concentrate, hurry, make a mistake, or have a confrontation, that stress is expressed in our muscles.

Over time, this almost constant contraction forms tender or painful knots in the muscles called trigger points. The resulting imbalance in the muscles leads to subluxation of the spine. The nerves become irritated by the change in the position and motion of the vertebrae due to the change in the size and angle of the foramen, between the bones through which the nerves exit. The small guiding joints or facets also become irritated from the subluxation and now the joint capsules, ligaments, and muscles become inflamed.

Finally, the subluxation and surrounding inflammation result in sufficient nerve irritation to cause pain and muscle spasm. The loss of the strength, endurance, and coordination of the muscles puts us at risk of spinal sprain/strain under times of increased physical or postural stress.

Anecdotal Evidence

There is over a hundred years of anecdotal evidence or "stories" of the benefits of chiropractic not only for spinal and related complaints (musculoskeletal injuries or disorders) but for general health and well-being.

Today current chiropractic research looks for the answers to how the adjustment of a subluxation actually affects the nervous system. Recent statistical research in the US and abroad has already proven that chiropractic treatment is more cost effective, has better outcomes, has less days lost from work, and better patient satisfaction than other forms of treatment for back pain.

Chiropractic is safer and more effective than medications, which treat only the symptoms or result of the problem rather than the cause.



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More than thirty years ago my chiropractor said to me, "Pure air, pure food, pure water: exercise, keep your spine in line, and you'll be fine!"
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